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“My Idea behind this question was (If there is a daytime, night time cycle possible) to make some npc’s available during certain times and have different options available.”

Like Marby said, routines are not really viable right now.

But, I have made a test day/night cycle and it’s working out so far…it just requires a lot of work. What I did was use a counter system and base it on 60min hours but 12hr days. That way Dawn, daytime, dusk and night last 3hrs. I have it so every time you transition screens/enter a building/perform an action that requires time, it adds 10mins to the counter (you can change that to however long you want). Next step is to have tiles at the entrances and exits that check how many hours have passed and will teleport you to the necessary map depending on that number.

Example: “level1” will require 4 maps, one dawn, dusk, day, and night. If the exit/entrance tiles see you have a number less than 179 (2hrs 59mins) it will teleport you to the dawn map, 180-359 = day, 360-539 = dusk, 540-719 = night. This way with multiple maps, you can have npcs only show up during certain times of the day.

You also need to set up a code where if the counter goes above 719, it resets back to 0. This whole thing can also be shortened to smaller numbers if wanted (add 1 for each time wasting event/screen transition, 6= hour 72=full day) and by only having day and night, decreasing the maps to only 2 copies per “level”

Like I said, it’s a lot of work but it’s actually doable. It just gets harder the more “levels” your game contains. Hopefully this all makes sense.