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    Adonai Blackwood

    Hello community!

    My name is Adonai Blackwood.

    As a kid, I loved playing video games with friends. Growing up, I found it harder to maintain gaming with other aspects of my life. As of now, I still don’t own any current gaming consoles (Switch, Xbox, Playstation).

    I’ve been inspired to get back into gaming, but with a new approach.. Mobile Games, specifically RPGs.

    I’ve always considered myself as a “creator”, and I’m considerable technically-savvy. I hope to put my creativity & smarts to making a fun RPG that everyone will enjoy playing!

    Feel free to connect with me @adonaiblackwood on: Twitter, IG, YT, Twitch & Mixer

    I appreciate all feedback/support 😀
    Cheers & game on!


    ~ A’don B’wood


    Hey welcome!

    Mobile playing will be supported soon (not editing yet).

    Let us know when you have something we can play!

    Adonai Blackwood

    Thank you!

    Luckily, I still have my Mac – so I intend on having fun with this platform!

    Although I’m new here, I’m really looking forward to the future system possibilities.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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