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    For RPG Playground, you will always log in to a small demo map, in which you wander across the map to find a girl trapped somewhere. To start out, I decided to transform this small demo map into a mass-scale world, in which you try to find a certain person throughout a map. I will call this project, “Demo Remastered”. Currently, there is only the current demo world, in which I modified a few things. For example, there are 3 NPC’s you cannot talk to, because you cannot contact them from behind blocks. I have made it so you can talk to these NPC’s. There are other small details, such as dialogue affected by finding the girl.
    The project can be played here:
    Remember, the starting demo was not created by me. This is simply an improvement. I will update it regularly.

    P.S. Talk to the ghost after rescuing the girl for more information on the next update.
    – willfy66

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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