Destiny Raid: The Angel’s Awakening [Work In Progress] REPOST

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    Long ago before the world was born, the new goddess named Ethenenscia was tasked to create her first universe. She created the worlds, the planets of life, and most of all: the creatures that inhabit them.

    Like all other worlds, humans were created for their admiring evolution of continuing the future of life. But the same can be said for the chaos that befalls the new worlds.

    In order for the world to be more peaceful, the goddess asked one of the angels of the dominions to help her keep the balance of life safe.

    But suddenly someone had pushed the angel into the world, causing them to lose their primordial body and have their soul reborn into a human. Due to this mistake, Ethenenscia decides to cast divine awakenings for some humans to awaken as angels and create divine rituals for the churches to find the human hosting the angel’s soul.

    Yet the goddess was unaware of the dangers that lurk in her world. . .


    Reposted due to accidental issues.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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