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    Hey everyone,

    I would like to suggest a feature where you can make gifts to npcs while holding an item!

    I thought of it and this is the easiest way for making gifts!

    The system recognizes the item you currently hold and then you can judge wich item is best suited for that npc and how much he/she likes it.

    This goes along with a relationship point system – so that the npcs dialog changes according to your current reputation!


    What do you think about this?




    Everything you need is already available to you right now, even without premium.

    I’ve already made a relationship system using counters. It’s very easy to do but could become very complex depending on how far you need to go with it. This example is for changing a game’s ending but it’s the same thing.


    Each symbol in the video changes the “ending” counter to a number between each range.

    For this, you would change “ending” to the npc name eg. Aura, and good-bad endings would become your relationship status (enemy/acquaintance/friend…whatever). You can also change the ranges to however many you need. All you need to do now is increase/decrease the number of “Aura” however you see fit. Since you’re inquiring about gifts, create them as inventory items, then you can have npc “Aura” check to see if the hero is holding that item (if you don’t have premium, then this can be done with tokens). If so, you can have different dialogue for each individual item. The complexity comes from the amount of gifts you can give to the npc and the amount of detail you want in your choices.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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