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    Hello everyone! I have had multiple good storylines for games for a while, and while I tend to be story focused, I think my story needs the interactivity that a game can provide.

    Done right, a classic RPG style format like this can really allow for ways to enhance a story even. I’m looking for in the suspense / horror genre at the moment and have a game I’m just starting on. Probably will make a test game or two to toy with the format as well.

    I primarily came here because I’m a linux user, and finding good RPG makers for Linux is an exercise in frustration, actually. Anyway take it easy.


    Remember to save after completing a level, I didn’t know about that at first and lost everything so keep it in mind.


    I save obsessively, but appreciate the tip!


    Hey by the way, is there a specific place on the forums designated for showing off games you made, or is that sort of thing frowned upon here?


    You can definitely share your game in this forum:


    Hey that link didn’t work for me?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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