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    Pikachu Boltz

    Hello readers! I am Kevin Cordel. The reason That i wish to make R.P.G games because i love the idea of R.P.G. I’ve been playing Pokemon for like FOREVER and other R.P.G, and i would love to make my own. I am mentally Gifted so i can comprehend the “Bigger picture”. Making this game will put my artistic and mental abilities to the test! Plus, R.P.G’s are So fun! So i hope i can develop a future making R.P.G’s on R.P.G Playground!

    Pikachu Boltz

    Koonsolo, If your reading this, i have a few ideas in mind…
    1. Quests: i would like to be able to be able to implement quests in my work!
    2. Multiple Dialogues:
    hero says “hello”
    person says “hi”
    hero receives quest, does the quest and comes back…
    hero says “i’m dome”
    person says “nice! thank you!”
    3. Items : i would like detailed items
    4.MORE MONSTERS!!!: monsters are cool.. lets have more!!
    I’m sorry for all of these suggestions but with these Your website will be a hit! please take these with consideration. Thank you!


    I know i’m not Koonsolo but..

    Your second post belongs in the forum “Game Ideas”

    1.Quests – Possible through the use of “tokens”.
    2.Multiple Dialogues – Also possible with the use of tokens.
    3.Items – This is being worked on as seen in Release Roadmap.
    4.MORE MONSTERS!!! – Nice idea, bosses could also be gooood!

    Pikachu Boltz

    Yeah i understand this…
    How do i do all of this with tokens? Need lots of details if possible.

    James Nick

    Here’s the official help for tokens made by koonsolo. (:
    or just check the “Help” Tab then “User Manual” then tap “Screenplay” (:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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