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    In RPG Playground, two doors can be connected directly for both ways. But if you connect two of them to each other by just using the “Door Behaviour” (fields “To level” and “To door”), this at the moment reacts kinda strange. The hero may be teleported back to the first door you just passed.

    I found a relatively good workaround for this:
    Instead e. g. of two visible doors connected to each other use four doors – two visible and two invisible doors. Only use the “Door Behaviour” of the visible doors and connect a visible door always to its invisible counterpart. Just leave the “Door Behaviour” of the invisible doors empty. That way you create an one-way passage.

    Let’s say, we would like to create an entrance door of a house and an exit door for the inner level of that house:
    You place the visible door (name it e. g. “EnterHouse1”) as usual for the house. In front of “EnterHouse1” you place an invisible door “InFrontOfHouse1”. After that, also place two doors in the same way for the inner of the house. You could name the invisible door e. g. “InnerHouse1” and the visible door “ExitHouse1”. If this is done, connect the “EnterHouse1” door to “InnerHouse1”, but leave the “Door Behavior” of “InnerHouse1” empty. The same goes for “ExitHouse1” and “InFrontOfHouse1”. Fill out the “Door Behavior” of “ExitHouse1” only to connect it with “InFrontOfHouse1”. This technique prevents the invisible doors to unexpectedly teleport the hero back to to visible doors.

    If that suits your level design better, you also could do the following:
    Instead of using a visible starting door for the inner of the house, you also could use the invisible_floor_switch (this is the last icon in the list). Lets say your outside level with the house is named as “TinyVillage”. Then for teleporting from invisible_floor_switch to “InFrontOfHouse1” you need to enter the following invisible_floor_switch-“When touched”-screenplay command:
    hero teleports to door “InFrontOfHouse1” at “TinyVillage”

    Try it yourself! I wish you fun while creating your games!

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