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    I unfortunately experienced this already with another very good software. “Music Studio” available for iOS as well for Android has been (in my opinion) the best app for creating music on mobile devices. It came with tons of features and high quality midi instruments. In addition the software was straightforward and very intuitive to use.
    Over this the price to buy a license was ridiculous low in comparison to what the customers got.

    But that was not what the big music software companies had in mind. Steinberg, one of those companies, secured all rights to the software. They supposedly wanted to improve the software, but even after years nothing has changed. And that makes sense, because the company has its own music software for mobil devices and of course doesn’t want a competing product. Okay, you still can buy “Music Studio”, but the sad result of this story is clear: “Music Studio” is dead.

    RPG Playground is also growing and on its best way to become a product, which does not have to hide from the RPG Makers. With this in mind we can be sure that at some point someone will knock on deWiTTERS door and will try to convince him to purchase RPG Playground. Perhaps even Nintendo or another big player of the game industry will be the one. I hope deWiTTERS will decide to earn money with his fantastic software instead. Otherwise, RPG Playground could easily share Music Studio’s sad destiny. Hopefully this never will happen.


    I once read a story about a guy that sold his company for a lot of money. After that, he tried to start several other companies, but never with success. In the end he realized that all he wanted in life was to run his first company. But at that point it was too late of course.

    One of the main reasons why I started RPG Playground is because I want to run my own business, and be in full control of that. Sitting at a beach with a cocktail and loads of money sounds like fun. But I know myself, and after a week I would get bored :D.

    I understand that some people want to sell companies and make a lot of money, but that’s not why I started RPG Playground. If that was the case, I would already have some investors and keep maybe 30% of the company. With that money I could have hired a few developers, speed up the developments, and try to sell the company for a lot of money and walk away with 30% of a big sum.

    The sole reason why RPG Playground developments are going so slow, is because I want to keep my 100% stake (or at least majority stake). Never say never of course, but for now, I much rather see my joy in developing RPG Playground than having loads of cash and getting bored.


    However, one thing will not exclude the other thing. I mean to keep the majority (or the whole company) and also earn (some day) a lot of money. I’m pretty sure RPG Playground has much potential. And it is no coincidence that RPG Playground already came that far. You simply never give up. Attitude, commitment and dedication very often lead to success. You’ve already proven that you got all of this. Many people, children as well as adults, including me, love your project. Keep it up!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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