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    Hello, hello~

    Allow me to make my debut (Don’t count the tribute to Crimson Children RIP Cynic-P) with Crows’ Feet, a psychological horror. You play as an old woman in a creepy, dead realm, where you try to find a way out.

    AND SUPER IMPORTANT— TOUCH EVERYTHING. There is a lot you can interact with. The game is only as atmospheric as your cooperation to interact with it. If you try to skip through and beat it, you won’t enjoy it. It’s an experience.


    Let me know what you guys think! (Just the first room, but it gives you an idea of how it is going to develop.


    Wow, the atmosphere is definitely spot on!

    It would be even cooler if the walking speed of the old lady would be slower, so I definitely need to make that possible to configure.

    The end credits are also very creative, and this is the first time I see something like that.

    Short, but very well done! 🙂


    Woah, after the initial almost-silence the loud cow sounds when reading the diary scared the heck out of me ^_^! But well done, very atmospheric. Lighting effects could really contribute a lot to that atmosphere, I gave that feature a vote on the Trello board :). Keep up the good work!


    @deWiTTERS @DotDotDot

    Thanks so much! Slow walking for the pc is EXACTLY what I was thinking. Would definitely help with the atmosphere! I did notice that I took out the sword swinging and the health bar, but they stay on the screen and usable. It’s a little awkward for the old lady to swing a sword ha.

    Light is an amazing idea <3 Tried to use shadow tiles to work around it but having an actually lighting system would be great!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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