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Major bugfix: save failed when more than 20 levels

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    I just fixed a major bug where the save would not save all of your levels. This happened when I upgraded the website. This new website only allowed 20 files to be saved at the same time, which gives problems when you have more levels than that. I now increased this so you don’t have this again.

    The games who got affected gave a black screen, but I was able to restore them from the parts that were saved properly.

    Normally I don’t mention bugfixes like this, but the impact of this one could be huge.


    Hello. I had a problem with my save games. I made two copies and could never have the save properly save the whole game, now when I attempt to load the most recent save I get the black screen. Can this be restored? I do not have many saves, only the one game with multiple instances ande am only concerned with the most recent.


    So you had 2 broken games and 1 working one. The problem with the broken ones was a missing game file (which contains actors & screenplays).

    I copied over the game file from the working game to the 2 others. Now all games are working again.

    But there might be a mismatch between the tilemap (ground, trees & houses) in a level. If this is the case, send me a private message with the levels that are mixed up, and I can reassign them the correct tilemap by hand.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope this helps

    Adonai Blackwood

    I really enjoy the changes & styling updates for the website. Also, having these bug fixes are very helpful – thank you!

    RPG Playground ROCKS!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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