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Nix, Savior of Omnis – DEMO

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    Alec Lee


    I played this game last week, and it is really impressive.

    The start is already like it should be: with a hook! Where am I, what happened, etc., you just want to know what’s going on and continue playing :).

    Talking to the town people and the elders added to the whole experience.

    Although I had one issue: when following the girl in the forest, she walked where I was supposed to go, but then she stood right in the middle, and I couldn’t pass. So I went to the editor to more her a bit, and then I could continue. The next forest piece I didn’t complete, because I think this was the end of the demo?

    Maybe also make it more clear when it’s the end of the demo (if it was there).

    Anyway, this was a really pleasant surprise to play such a high quality game :).

    Alec Lee


    Thank you so much for playing it! I’m glad that it grabs attention like I had hoped. Yeah, I’m working out a few kinks with the forest area. I’m hoping to be finished with the full forest by tomorrow, so hopefully the girl will be fixed by then! And from now on, I’ll be sure to mark where the end of the demo is. (I actually just forgot about that entirely, haha. But thanks for playing it once again! – LadySteelSteam


    This is delightful! Very good use of music, intriguing storyline, some jokes in there that actually made me snort ^^. Good stuff! And is that a lesbian couple running the Moonstone Inn? How fitting for this month 🙂

    Some things I ran into:

    • Once you go down in the first town map, you can’t go back up again
    • It’s very easy to miss the invisible tile that triggers the conversation with Robert on the first town map. I missed it on two playthroughs and only found out about it in the editor ^_^;;
    • South exit of the market square deposits you at the south of another map. Feels a bit unnatural 😉
    • If you stand in the way of the guide on the second forest screen, she can’t go to where she should. Then when you ask again from a different side, she doesn’t walk anywhere
    • Entrance to the Moonstone Inn is quite unclear, I missed it completely ^_^;;

    Reading earlier posts in this thread, it seems you’ve continued working on this game. That makes me happy :). Keep it up!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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