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    So I really need help with this, I’m currently also working on a battle royal game mode and I need all NPCs to be attacking each other. And I don’t even know if this is a possible feature at this point after many failed attempts to get this to work.

    I put all actors as “neutral” and they don’t attack each other, but then I put some as “evil” and some as “good” and of course, they attack each other. But I don’t want them to take sides, I just want everyone to be able to attack each other.

    If anyone could help, thank you.


    is there a way to make them all have a different alignment? there might be a way if you have premium edition, but I dont know sense I dont have it


    Yeah, there isn’t anything else besides the 3 alignments, “good”, “neutral”, and “evil”.


    So what you want is a “hostile” alignment, that basically attacks everyone, including other “hostile” (the reverse of “neutral).

    Maybe I should also open up the alignments so you could add your own.

    Added this new feature request: https://trello.com/c/Gy3J4Kxy


    Okay, thank you!


    @fedorakid10  This is pretty late – hopefully you’ve solved this but here’s my solution:

    Try putting the attackers into pairs, and then send the winner of that pair to battle the winner of another pair.  Keep the two fighters in a pair close to each other by giving them adjacent patrol squares, and a small patrol max distance.  Make sure *none* of them have ‘move to enemy behaviours’, or you won’t be able to control where they move to fight.

    If the hero is going to be moving around, use buttons and tokens to mark which pair he is approaching.  Then, have both partners of that pair change to the opposite alignment of the hero so that they will attack him, until he moves away again.

    I’m going to test this out, but I think it will work!  Hope all goes well!


    No, thank you! This is great! Might be a challenge but this will definitely help me doing my ‘online’ MM!

    If you don’t mind, how do I make the winner of the fight go fight another winner of a fight though?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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