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    Orc Lord – By 0pi3w4n

    This is the game I have been working on for the past few months. I am doing some things with the engine that I have not seen anyone else do: character customization, various possible play-styles, a leveling system, cut scenes, dialogue trees and so forth. Give it a play, give it a like and give me some feedback! Thanks!


    A new battle has been added to the Champions Arena: an Elven Mage! Prepare walk through fire, dispel illusions and fight summoned monsters!

    Play Orc Lord


    Added a new option for a Charisma: Summon a pet Bat to help you in fights! You can find the bat near the alchemy station in the Training Chamber. Once you have dominated it you should be able to summon it for most other fights. Check it out!


    Update to poison/potion crafting today. Now “Empty Vials” (found just to the left of the alchemy station) are required to create either one. Poison has been changed to work on hit rather than on touch, and healing potions spawn next to the crafting station rather then at the ingredient.

    Poison works a bit buggy with the bat summon, I’m still trying to figure that out.

    Give it a try and tell me what you think!


    Another question from Discord was how I get the Exp to update: this script is after every time the hero’s number of “Exp” changes. In this example it is on an enemies death, but I have it in other places too. The | are placeholders, delete them if you are pasting this into your game

    if Enemy health value <= 0
    |    hero number of “Exp” increases with 5
    |    if hero number of “Exp” = 1
    |        interface info text becomes “Exp: 1”
    |    if hero number of “Exp” = 2
    |        interface info text becomes “Exp: 2”
    |    if hero number of “Exp” = 3
    |        interface info text becomes “Exp: 3”
    |    if hero number of “Exp” = 4
    |        interface info text becomes “Exp: 4”
    |    if hero number of “Exp” = 5
    |        interface info text becomes “Exp: 5”

    so on and so forth… untill

    |    if hero number of “Exp” = > 50
    |        interface info text becomes “Level Up!”
    |        Narrator gives choices for “Level up now?”
    |        in case “Yes”
    |            hero teleports to door “Character_Sheet” at “Character_Sheet”
    |            hero number of “Exp” decreases with 50
    |            hero number of “Stat” increases with 1
    |        in case “No”
    |            Narrator says “Travel to the shrine of Darkness to level up”


    Someone asked how I did the opening scroll for my game: here’s the script. I had to do the “walk toward” bit in chunks because if you have the actor walk too far it doesn’t work.

    hero changes appearance to “[characters.segmentsheet$1000$char32x48.segmentdiv,char.animator]”
    hero swing weapon ability becomes inactive
    hero walks towards 15,30
    hero walks towards 15,23
    hero walks towards 15,15
    hero walks towards 15,12

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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