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    If we set a level to “<previous song>” regarding music, I would expect, that the engine will not change the music, when entering the level. I tested it and unfortunatelly, that is not the case.

    My test game consists of three levels:

    1. first
      Both, the music and ambience for the level is set to “<previous song>”
    2. level1
      Likewise for this level no music and ambience is specified as well.
    3. level2
      As a trial I specified a random picked music (here “asian celebration”) for that level.
    • Each level has only one door “Entrance”, which is connected with nothing.
    • The level “first” has two cubes, which are able to change the music using screenplay. The first cube plays “chill_tiny_town” and the second “classical_rescue”, but I think that it doesn’t really matter. Level “first” has also two additional cubes in order to teleport to “level1” and “level2”.
    • Each of the other levels has a cube to teleport back to “first”.

    The game starts with no music as all as expected. Teleporting to level2 starts to play “asian celebration”. As expected, the music does not change if the hero returns to “first” and also still remains the same, if the hero teleports to “level1” afterwards.

    If we return to “first” and change the music by touching the “Music1Cube”, the music changes to “chill_tiny_town”. Up to here, there is nothing unusual. If we then enter “level2” the music changes again to “asian celebration”. However, the music changes back to “chill_tiny_town”, when returning to “first” afterwards. I cannot imagine, that the last one is intended behavior, because “chill_tiny_town” in this case is NOT the “<previous song>”.

    As described above, I would expect the setting “<previous song>” as not to change the music at all. Level settings and screenplay obviously does not properly work together.

    Perhaps this behavior is related to the other music bug I already reported. With this test setup the behavior can be reproduced.


    That one really sucks!

    I tried to fix it myself by forcing the engine to play the correct music using additional screenplay. However, this causes levels with a specified song in the settings (and without screenplay) not to automatically play the levels’ song, but to be all quied. The music also won’t start playing after a longer time of waiting. So this time it definitely cannot be an issue of a too slow loaded music file.

    What a shame! Since I need to make sure the correct music is playing and I just cannot do it for now, I better wait for a fix. I don’t want to insert tons of unnecessary screenplay, which possibly not even work. Hopefully, deWiTTERS can get rid of this soon.


    Created a new bug for this: https://trello.com/c/i2lMb5UA

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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