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Release 0.32: Enemies attack

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    Some days ago I released the first version of the action combat, but up until now I haven’t received any feedback on it :(.

    Are you working on a game using it? Or is it just no fun yet?

    My personal opinion is that it still needs a lot of improvement to get it more fun. So I definitely don’t mind if you have some negative comments about it. Just let me know what you think.

    I’m now implementing that the hero can die, but after that I’ll try to improve the feel of the game. Most important thing for me is that I allow you to improve the feel, but this means I need to provide you with the proper tools.

    If I look at the levels some of you make, that is definitely better than how I could make them. So I’m going to assume the same thing about combat :).

    Currently I’m using Utility AI to steer the enemy behavior (You can read about it, but don’t have to, at

    One (melee) enemy currently has the following behaviors.

    1. Patrol: When nothing else to do, enemy will just walk around
    2. Move to hero: When hero is close, move towards it
    3. Attack hero: When hero is in attack range, prepare for attack, have a short delay and then do the attack
    4. Retreat: Right after attack, either keep your position or retreat for a short period

    I will open up those to you, so you can add or remove these behaviors, and tweak them for time, speed, etc … .

    The most fun would be that each enemy has it’s own behavior I guess. And I hope some of you can find some really fun ways to create your very own enemy behavior.

    So please, let me know what you want! Do you know games that have some really cool enemies? Do you want a specific behavior for some enemies?



    So I was playing around with enemies, and something I feel would be really helpful would be a ranged attack. Right now, there’s no real way to avoid an enemy attack, so maybe something Zelda-esque? Sorta like the first game. Another really really cool player option would be the something like the rogue option from Soul Knight. It’s like a little jump where enemies can’t hit you. (It’s really fun!) I do love the idea of being able to customize enemies, and I have some cool ideas for it! It’s looking pretty cool so far! Thanks!


    Ranged attack is on my list :).

    The Soul Knight idea is really cool! So I will see what I can do with that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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