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    Above we have only a tentative title, but hopefully you can enjoy the game nonetheless…

    I am trying a new type of way to use this engine by making a CYOA game. Whoever posts their decision first gets to decide the progression of the story and therefore, inspires me to create a short little game based on it. Should you piece them all together, it should end up well. I am thinking of maybe an 11 part story, with a prologue and epilogue and nine chapters, overall. This will primarily be story based. What do you all think?


    The story starts in the beautiful and fertile nation of Promethea, known for being a peace-loving entity that championed equality for all. However, due to its many resources, it has been treated as a target ever since its very creation. As a result, the nation has become militaristic and overly defensive.

    Now, Promethea has been submerged in a terrible war with Koios, its neighbor and a scraggly old nation filled with naught but darkness and the hardiness of its people’s souls. Recently, the farmers in Koios have suffered a drought. Hence, they traded in their plows and pitchforks for swords and lances and launched an attack against fair Promethea in order to take a piece of the bounty for themselves.

    Eventually, the war had been won by Promethea, due to the lack of organization the enemy had. They quickly dispersed and the war lasted only months. However, the most troubling part was that King Phoebus and Queen Cynthia’s only daughter Aria was born just days after the war had started. Protective of their child, they ensured all of her retainers were battle-ready and kept her secluded deep in the heart of Promethea in order to protect her.

    Their cautious attitude easily became paranoia, and if the princess ever dared to try to escape, she was warned by the royal advisor that she would be whipped into obedience. Hence, ever since she was a little girl, Aria had never left Cordelia Castle, her home.

    Now that she was nearly an adult, at age thirteen, she decided that today is the day to try again. But, of course, she must look all the more lovely for it, as it is a rather special occasion. There are many mirrors scattered about the house so the princess thought she could kill two birds with one stone, checking out her appearance and giving her old home one last (but thorough) farewell.

    Now, how should she dress today?

    A) Aria should embrace her youth and wear something positively adorable. A cute crimson ribbon as a headband for her long violet tresses, a buttercup yellow tunic and tights should not only be stylish but also adventure-ready.

    B) Aria should try to focus on her goal and dress up appropriately. By taking on a mature, new appearance, she will not be as easily recognized and a practical adventurer’s outfit, she can travel as she pleases. Of course, she’ll have a nice new hairdo, braids perhaps, too. But to indicate her royal birth, she will wear a red mantle and a set of blue leather armor.

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    • This topic was modified 4 years, 5 months ago by Eden.
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