Hero from death

Published 04.12.2020 05:12

by Spacedragontho

Total plays: 112

Note that this game is not finished you can only get too the first place which is the kings backside of his castle however there is a boss in a blue house over there that you can fight. also you can get healed by the red cubes lmao if you want infinite power just get the bad ending i decided to add monsters too fight so its not boring Also there might be glitches but i don't think there's a lot maybe like 2 that I am still working on for now i have decided to chill on this because i already made an ending (totally not an early game bad ending) note that the ending is a bit dark so i would recommend being used to dark stuff before playing. my advice to not get the bad ending though is to try and not kill people (you can kill the boss despair though that will only effect for a better ending). And if you need a guide ask me and ill eventually tell you where (or someone else maybe)


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  • This comment is to provide constructive criticism, stuff you can do/work on. I’m not trying to be mean.

    Looks pretty cool so far. With the “Ultimate God of Despair” guy, there seem to be a couple issues. 1. I fought him and pushed him into the black area around the floor, where I can’t go, and he can’t seem to get back into the main area. Maybe try resizing the area to only what has floor? 2. Whenever I got too close to him, he would always say his line, “I am the Ultimate God of Despair,” which made it difficult/frustrating to attack him at all. Maybe you set it up so it has the first line: if hero lacks token “GodNamed” then God say “I am the ultimate God Of Despair” and then give the player token “GodNamed”. The ‘else’ would be empty. This would make it so that he says it once, and then never again. Also, with the path between the forest and the path up to the city: You could possibly use invisible doors to connect instead of the light patches. And, in the town, you could use doors instead of the light patches. Not that the patches are bad. They are just better for when it’s inside (because stuff doesn’t really glow outside.) But yeah, this is super cool! I like it.


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