Light Knight (Uncontinued)

published 21.03.2020 10:03
by Apple Slayers
total plays: 130

You take role as a knight that lives a simple life but is sent off into the world and faced with many challenges, one of which is facing the demon race and putting an end to them once and for all! This is my first game so there may be some problems with it, Please tell me if you find any problems with the game and what you would like to see added.


3 thoughts on “Light Knight (Uncontinued)”

  1. Planning to update the game on may 3rd, or at least around that time. Adding a city, more detail into the world, and at least a part of the wilderness.
    Also might add a lords honor badge and a boss fight, don’t be to sure though, and other things I did not mention might also be added.


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