Snowfall(a ReMix)

Published 27.11.2022 04:11

by Midnight Games

Total plays: 14

After becoming a nationally-recognized icon of Elemental Battles, Crescent Celei has decided to climb the mysterious Mt. Crystal. She's heard that her old friend(also a national icon for Elemental Battles), Flame Emberfur, is waiting for her... But the mountain is awfully cold... What could go wrong? (Please note, I based this off of a story I heard[I do not remember the name or creator, sadly]. I take zero credit for the basic story, but I did invent these characters' names, roles, and personalities. This note is in the in-game credits as well.) NEW ERA EDIT: This game is kinda bad, but I don't mind if you play it. Just don't take it as a sign of my current skills.