Social Studies Module 2 Project

Published 19.03.2021 04:03

by Sunoka

Total plays: 60

Welcome to the town of Thason! Here you can explore and learn about the importance of natural resources, where they are used, and the benefits and dis benefits of resource extraction.

I chose to make the topic of this assignment be resource extraction because it was the main idea of this module. I chose to make an rpg because I thought it would be a fun and creative way to show my learning, and I have never made one before so I would be learning something new.

  • Mr Beck

    Annika, I like how you presented the point of view of the King who is trying to provide resources the kingdom needs to make armour, weapons and tools. Then you contrast that with how the people are affected by the mine and how they weren’t consulted first by the king. You also have examples of people trading goods and services. Next time, could you have some more interactions around those trades? Can this platform allow for some interactivity? I wanted to buy some fish, veggies etc. but couldn’t. Overall, you have demonstrated some good understanding of the concepts of trade, resources and conflict in an engaging project.

    • Annika

      Glad you like it! I did try for some time to make it so you could trade resources. My original idea was that you would be the mayor of the town and people would give you money and stuff if they could do things like mine, but it just wasn’t possible.

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