| “The Star`s Chiming Of The Gaze“ |

Published 29.07.2022 03:07

by | ``Chime`Star`` |

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| ``Such A Cute Game With Such Detail & Even A Cute Little Kitten With The Name Chime!....But This Is A Warrior Cats FanGame.....Not Everything Is Like What Is Seems......You Play As Chime , A Small Little Kit Who Perfers To Be Called Feline Then Kit , But How Will Such A Cute But Helpless Kit Live In The World Of Warrior Cats? Try Not To Stay In Tall Grass Or Open Areas , Hawks Can Snatch You In Those Areas , You Can`t Swim , So Stay Away From Rivers....& Mostly , Listen To What the Scent Around You Tells You , There Might Be A Fox Or A Badger , Or Maybe Even A Adder , Stay Safe & I`ll Perfur If You Countine To Read Till The End Of This , There Are Some Warnings!`` | Warnings ---------------- Blood Gore & Such Detail In Death Beware There Will Be more Then One Way To Die In This Hell Of A Game Hehehehehehehe Enjoy The Horror Of The Screams Of The Felines Around & Away From You As You A Helpless Kit Trys To Live In This Hell World Of A Warrior Cat Fan Game........