The Tale Of How The Chicken Saved The Princess

published 28.10.2020 07:10
by Komayu
total plays: 26

A very short story/ game. Most of it is story. Also I meant it when I said short. There are 17 (very tiny) scenes and 2 possible endings, one of which is incredibly lazy, even for me. Sorry about that, but I'm not fixing it. Very glitchy, especially the corridor, and several other spots I've tried and failed to fix a million times. So, Hiyan, the protagonist, stops by to pay a visit, but gets turned into a chicken. Now he has to go rescue his friend. By the way, when Lafilia asks what you drew, the answer is option one. Maybe I should put that in the dialogue instead of here. Nah. Apparently I'm too lazy to do so.


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