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    Have an idea you need help with executing? Post here and hopefully you can get the help you need from the group!


    How to Create a Invisible Item

    Shoutout to “GBuilder studio” for the question and idea of the video!


    I Expanded on @fedorakid10 ‘s video on Invisible Objects in my first RPG Playground video! I also talk a little about transitions.

    Original video:


    Embed a link: from @fedorakid10

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    Using Keys to open Doors! @epicbruhboibruh


    Make enemies attack.

    Click on the enemy…

    #1: Health and Death needs to be ON or the enemy will have no HP and be invincible. Enemy Alignment HAS to be opposite your Hero (evil—>good, good—>evil). Use neutral for any character you don’t want attacked.

    #2: Swing Weapon Ability must be ON or your enemies will not attack you. Change Hit Damage and Cooldown to your liking.

    #3: Melee Attack Behavior must be ON. Try changing the delay values.

    #4: Patrol Behavior is optional, turn it on if you want your enemy to walk around randomly.

    #5: Doesn’t have to be on but if you turn it on, your enemies will seek you out if you get close.

    Hope that helps @moldycheese-2

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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