How to Make A Mimic Treasure Chest

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    mimic chest

    1. Use the treasure chest from Inquisitor Indoor Middle.

    2. Place 1st NPC on top of chest so that its head clips, change appearance to octopus.  Change alignment to good.  Set “Patrol Behaviour”, “Health and Death”, and “Move to Enemy Behaviour” on.

    3. Put 2nd NPC in front of octopus.  Change alignment to evil.  Switch on their “Health and Death”.

    4. At the entrance to the location, place a button.  When the button is touched, make both NPC’s turn invisible (changes appearance to “[characters.segmentsheet$1001$char32x48.segmentdiv,char.animator]”). If you want the mimic to reset every time you enter the room, this is enough!  If you want it to stay “open” after being discovered, have this button become inactive.

    5. When NPC2 is touched, set up an if-statement: if NPC1’s health is > [a threshold number, something large like 100 max health for NPC1 and 89 for this number is good], decrease hero’s health, add a message about being attacked if you like!  Also, change NPC1’s appearance back to the octopus.

    6. When NPC2 is hurt, immediately increase NPC2’s health to full (this makes NPC2 immortal) and decrease NPC1’s health by the hero’s damage, or by some other amount if you like.

    7. When NPC2 is hurt again, if NPC1’s health has reached a low enough point (never enough to kill NPC1, the same threshold number as before), make inactive NPC1’s “Patrol Behaviour” and “Move to Enemy Behaviour”, make NPC1 turn invisible, give a message about killing the mimic if you like, and give the hero their reward!  Then, switch NPC2’s alignment to neutral.

    mimic code

    Have fun!

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