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    If you would like your game featured on my stream, please leave the name of the game and a brief description here (genre, length, ect.) Also, I need to know if your game is NSFW.

    I am just starting to stream so I don’t have followers yet, don’t expect fame and fortune by signing up lol.

    I’m planning to stream RPG Playground games every Tuesday, possibly Thursdays too, if enough interest is there. Between 6pm – 12am EST.

    Twitch: MacmorRG


    Also, join the Discord! Tonight I’m streaming “Until Dawn”.



    Oak Village

    Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Exploration

    Length: 5-15 minutes, (4 areas each with a boss, final area is final boss)

    Description: An exploration game with 3 mini bosses and 1 final boss. Explore around this large map with many secrets such as secret areas, cheats, and more. Change to day or night, or reset the map’s enemies to go murder the map again!
    (BTW I don’t create inappropriate games since I’m 11, the game is safe and clean for all ages. I’d say 6+ since there are some challenges and mazes.)


    If you could…

    The Malevolent Hope (Chapter 1)

    Genre(s): RPG, Adventure

    Length: 15-30 Minutes (Depends on what you do)

    Description: You play as a dude who lost his soul and needs to earn it back. And also possibly save the world.


    I may do yours and @fedorakid10 ‘s games together, I’ll let you know.



    The legend of the 3 orbs

    Genre(s): RPG

    Length: 10-15 minutes

    Description: Marian has to solve 3 Trials to prove her worthyness. What destiny awaits her? A storydriven RPG without fighting!

    (I know many know this game already but it’s the only one I finished so far… I would be glad if you would play my game! Thanks in advance.)


    Thank you! You’ll be after Deluxe, Jan 25th. If more people want their games played then I’ll stream more often.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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