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I always loved to play video games – especially rpg. I started to program little games and other small programs as a child and that even led me to my todays job as a programmer. However, programming means not necessarily to make video games. Therefore, today I write programs for companies, which also could be much fun and sometimes a challenge too. To make video games usually requires a lot of capabilities: programming, drawing, storytelling, music composing and many more. I guess nobody can be good in all of those disciplines. Therefore, I never thought it would be possible, to make a complex video game like an rpg without a team. That was before I learned about the RPG Maker series. They delivered another approach and providing a toolbox, which gives everyone the capability to make their own rpg. What a fantastic idea! Since then, programming has also become my hobby again, a least a little bit of it, because making video games with RPG Maker doesn’t require much of it. One day I came across the site of RPG Playground. I tried it and liked it more and more. So that’s how I came here and now I’m pretty curious what the future will bring for us on RPG Playground.