RPG Playground - Make your own online RPG

RPG Playground requires Flash!

Shared levels

Users are already creating their own levels and sharing them. Here is a small selection of what's already created:

If want to see your own level in this list, send me the link: koen@koonsolo.com.

About RPG Playground

RPG Playground is a new game by Koonsolo. It's currently very early in development, but you can already play with it.

With RPG Playground you can create your own online RPG Worlds. It's basically a web RPG with ingame level editor.

It's is far from finished, but the following should be possible in the final version:

Everything is currently freely available, but at some point I might ask for a subscription fee. But we'll see once we get that far.

Version 0.16 feedback

You can give feedback or comments on the related blog post, or mail me at koen@koonsolo.com.

Follow me

You can follow the progress of this project through email, blog, twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube.


The amazing tileset is made by The Inquisitor.

The cool ingame characters are made by Sithjester and REFMAP.

Some icons are taken from the Silk icon set by Mark James and from Fatcow.

Finished features

Currently working on

Upcoming features