Can I get a quick introduction to RPG Playground?

Sure, just watch the 4 minutes tutorial video. Or read the about page.

Where can I find more detailed info?

In the RPG Playground User Manual!

Who made RPG Playground?

Check out the RPG Playground Credits

How can I change my main hero?

  1. open de edit dialog on the left
  2. click on the tab with the person
  3. click on the configuration wheel (button on the right)
  4. click on the hero you want to change
  5. on the left you can now change the image

Will there be new features?

Of course! I’m continuously working on RPG Playground, implementing new features all the time. If you want to get an overview of what is planned in the near and far future, take a look at the RPG Playground Release Roadmap.

Can I suggest a new features?

Of course you can! But remark that a lot of features are already suggested. So first check our roadmap at, and locate and vote on your feature. If it’s not in there, tell us about it in our requests forum or on Discord.

My question isn’t in this FAQ, where can I get an answer?

Just ask your question in the Discord Chat or Get Help Forum.