RPG Playground is the easiest way to make your own action RPG. No need for programming or making art, we provide everything. If you have the story and game design in your head, RPG Playground brings it to reality.

Remark that RPG Playground is currently in very early in development, but you can already play with it.

It’s is far from finished, but the following should be possible in the final version:

  • Create your own online RPG World
  • Invite friends to play your RPG
  • Add trees, houses, roads, rivers, etc.
  • Add monsters and fight with them
  • Create items and quests
  • Add NPC’s with conversation trees
  • Play on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices

Everything is currently freely available.

If you want to know what is planned for the future, take a look at the RPG Playground Roadmap.