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I actually ended up finding another solution for this with one of my friends. Essentially, we made it so that if you have “pin” but not “pin2” then you get a third token, which I called “dialogue2” which then gives you, well, dialogue two. Here’s the code for it:

if hero has token “pin”
if hero lacks token “pin2”
hero receives token “dialogue2”
if hero has token “dialogue2”
(insert dialogue 2)
(insert dialogue 1)

So now it’s no longer defining when you should get the first dialogue (because it has two different possible requirements, but neither is necessary for the other), now its just the very specific circumstances to get dialogue 2, which has two different variables that both must be in place at the same time.

I’m glad that and/or functions will likely still be added in the future, even if I’ve found a way to bypass them. Though honestly I’m more excited for the combat update 😀 I hope the third token idea might help anyone else who runs into copy/pasting dialogue issues. It takes a little more coding but at least its not repeating dialogue.