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Make, share & play RPG’s with RPG Playground, no coding required.

The easiest and most enjoyable way to make your own action RPG, and share it with the rest of the world. Works on desktop and mobile web browsers.


  1. Make your own fast paced action RPG, like The Legend of Zelda, The Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, …
  2. Drag items and characters into your game
  3. Bring your story to life without coding
  4. Configure the AI of enemies and allies
  5. Finish your first small game in a weekend, and instantly share it
  6. Seamlessly switch between make and play modes
  7. Play an infinite number of user created games (plenty of new games are shared each day)
  8. Web based, so continue your project going between desktop to mobile.


There are more expansive and flexible game making tools, but none as enjoyable or straightforward as RPG Playground. People are making games, sharing them, and other people playing and commenting. Other tools might be more powerful and have expansive features, but people are overwhelmed and never finished their games. RPG Playground is different. Our users finish their games fast, and others play them.

For us, it is more important that

  • beginners can start right away, instead of programmers having full control
  • all important game resources are provided, instead of having customization
  • games can be shared instantly, instead of exporting games for external platforms
  • it’s easy and straightforward to use, instead of having lots of features & advanced control
  • the game engine features fast paced action combat, instead of turn based combat

If you want to know what is planned for the future, take a look at the RPG Playground Roadmap.


RPG Playground is used by educators all over the world. Students can make games, or play a educational games made by the teacher. More info and examples here.



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