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Hello, and first of all, thank you for the answer and the rpgmaker! It’s wonderful!

The reason why I asked about the save progress function is because I’m doing a cross-over boardgame as a birthday present for someone turning 30. We are doing a sort of “Super Metroid/Hollow Knight” ANALOG boardgame (with dice and cardboard figure) and ONE of the sections on this analog boardgame is a DIGITAL world. In this digital world he needs to figure stuff out to get through to the next section in the boardgame. But, as in all metroidvania games, you always need to revisit every section at least twice when you get a new set of skills that could reach a passage you couldn’t before. That’s why the save-tokens function would’ve been nice. Not a save game, only save tokens so that he wouldn’t have to speak to the same people in the village again (solving the pussles again). Which also would mean that, when his birthday comes we would make no more changes to the game so the aspect of which version the game would be wouldn’t need to be updated?

For exampel: let’s say that the DIGITAL world is “section 3” in the metroidvania board game. Somewhere in “section 4” (a analog section) he will get info about a hidden secret level in “section 3” (which is a medium room, with invisable doors on the ground which he has to get info about how to cross the room in “section 2”). So my guess he would have to revisit the digital world/section probably around four times! 🙂

But hey, his birthday isn’t for a year or so. Maybe more people than me would’ve requested this function in a year!

You are doing a fantastic job! 🙂