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However, that means also the following:
Imagine a boss, who is invincible the first time the hero meets him and also is so powerful, that he will kill the hero instantly with just one blast. If we let our hero say his last words like: “I… I will revenge my friends… anyway. You… you’ll see!” then a full health bar will appear to be very odd! Therefore, I suggest to make at least the redraw of the health bar independant from the rest of the processing and update it always right after HP changes.

I didn’t know this is intended. If I think about it, we indeed could use this information for creating a special health handling ourselves. However, it is very important to know, that HP can be negative! You should state that somewhere officially on your help pages. If after a resurrection the hero should have e. g. 10 HP, it is important for us to use an assignment instead of an increasing health value command.