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As soon as we have the ability to modify tilesets and upload our own graphics, we will also be able to write text on the tiles and upload the modified tiles afterwards. Programs like Photoshop and GIMP for modifiying picture files have those capabilities we then can use with RPG Playground.

Another approach would be to display user defined pictures. The RPG Maker software of Degica/KADOKAWA is able to use such pictures. Unfortunately, RPG Playground lacks such a capability yet. With pictures, displaying things like compass points would be very easy. In the past I also used pictures to build and program my own stop watch in RM2K3, to animate flames of ovens and candles as well as hide a secret passage underneath a picture of a plateau. Such stuff and more would be possible, if we had pictures together with “full programming power”. Full programming power is already on the to-do list for RPG Playground. Pictures still are missing on that list though.

Sometimes it is necessary to display text, which is not bounded to message boxes. Perhaps user defined gauges could help. Currently, we only are able to use “interface info text” for stuff like this. However, we are unable to place text of it wherever we want as well as unable to format its color and text style. If we are lucky it may change in the future as well.