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By the end of this month, the Play page will be so obsolete that it will be removed! 🙂 Don’t panic, I’ll explain.

I’m now working on integrating a games list into the RPG Playground application. That means when you start it, you will get a list of things that you can choose from:

  • Your games
    • Create new game
    • Load saved game 1
  • Play hot games
    • A list that is ranked according to an algorithm like reddit. Popular new things rise to the top.
  • All time top 3
    • Top 3 of most played/highly ranked games ever. These are the masterpieces.
  • New & Updated
    • A list of games sorted on the date they are released. Starting from this, games can go into the Hot games list.

Each list will show a limited amount of games (probably 3), but there will be a “show more..” button where you can see the entire list.

Your list is a bit different, but we agree on the new section (this is most crucial to discover new games of course). Renowed is kind of like what I have with the hot games, and all time top 3.

What do you think?