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Other weapons are planned, but these are way different, such as a boomerang, bomb, fireball, etc. Axe or hammer is actually easier than that (because it acts as a sword), so when I work on the new weapons, I make sure to include these ones. See https://trello.com/c/53OMVwAm and https://trello.com/c/PerzoA3j and https://trello.com/c/tFoSgdbv


I’ve been thinking about that gold already, and what I would like is the following: When you kill an enemy, animated gold coins will jump out and are dropped. You can then collect these gold coins like pickups. I think it is more fun like this, and more visual. See https://trello.com/c/bYlNx7J9

And you can vote on these features of course! 🙂