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    Aeji Julian

    Well, I just happened to scroll across your site from my Google search upon gathering resources necessary for my first-ever RPG2k creation to date.


    Here’s a mini spoiler: My suppossed RPG game sets with a idyllic fantasy theme of adventure, dungeon-delving, spelunking and sieges. The story would be non-linear as per main story (integrally, 1 main story with 5 side stories as well as numerous hidden subquests, that is..) to unlock in order to gain grandest rewards like god-like equipments and etc. so that defeating monsters, minibosses and siege clearing would be a piece of cake.


    That’s all for now. Don’t expect for my game’s release yet. It’s still under creation phase – need time for pixel drawings firsthand, indeed.


    Thanks to all admins and moderators who all approved my request upon joining this wonderful community. Y’all boost up my passion and enthusiast for game making hobby.

    With love, Gesundheit.


    sounds dope. welcome.


    Welcome, it will be interesting to play it. I will wait

    un saludo

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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