BETA: Finding of Whisper Wind UNFINISHED

Published 09.03.2023 02:03

by HardcoreFoxLover

Total plays: 135

GAME IS UNFINISHED. GAME WILL LITERALLY STOP. This game is about Thor'Gash Cultists. The cultists wreck havoc on the elements and all people. You have to find each family of elements, get them to trust you, and give over a piece of themselves. You have to then find a spirit to put the elements together to create the ultimate power. To save the elements and everyone on Earth, you have to risk it all and fight the Thor'Gash's. If you win, you'll go down as the best hero Earth has ever seen and go to paradise. If not, you'll go down in battle, and can choose to be re-incarnated to try again. (Credits to Willow. This game would not have been possible without her.)

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