Quest for Retribution

Published 29.04.2021 07:04

by eaglefin31 [PZ4!]

Total plays: 100

This game was made eaglefin31[PZ4!]. This is actually my first game and it took over 7+ hours to make. Every single character has its own dialogue and it can pay to talk to people as some will give you items or help you. There are 3 easter eggs for you to find and exploit. There is also a secret room somewhere on the map. I made this game as an early version and may update it with more floors and maps as time passes. Please give this game a test run and don't be afraid to tell me what you think and how I can make it better. Now... on to the game lore! You were once a villager named Delta from the town of Illyria until the king of this realm destroyed your village and entire family with it. You only barely escaped and have spent years training for the time when you will seek retribution for this terrible crime. As you were biding your time you heard tales of the other tragic horrors caused by the king. It is finally time to strike though and you have come to the central town to strike at the heart of the empire. It is a Quest of Retribution!


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