“Really awesome quote about the universe and life that makes you think I’m an intellectual as you sip your tea and adjust your monocle.”

I was squashed as a baby, so I guess you could say I have *Crippling Depression*. Ba dum tsh. i am currently learning to hold shift like a reel compooter prafeshinol, so excuse me if you see i instead of I because I don’t hold the shift key long enough. I guess you could say I’m transSHIFTening. Ba dum tsh.

Anyway, Koonsolo is my father (don’t ask him, though, he’ll deny it– he jokes ha ha… ha… why won’t daddy love me?) and I think sometimes i talk too much because sometimes the latest posts and reply tabs are filled with my username. I’m sorry. For real, though, koonsolo dope af.

There really isn’t much to me, other than to say that I would like to be a movie director some day, or maybe even a game director. It would be my ultimate dream to direct a Zelda game/movie, as I grew up with the franchise. if you like Zelda, feel free to grab me for a conversation. I’m here about everyday -u-.

I’m in college, but when I’m not studying or slowly dying inside, I’m stalking the forums or creating another game that will probably never be updated again.

Where’d I get my username from?

Normally, I go by CynicMouse. The mouse is from being 5’2″. Cynic is because… Well, I don’t really know. I actually really love people– even if I can’t talk to them. I think Cynic came from scenic, a username that one of my friends made because he was a scene kid name Nick. The P, though, is kind of a nod to my favorite artist, UTSU-P, who does vocaloid songs infamous for their growls and screams. It’s some good shtuff. Check it out when you have time.

What else…


My favorite games are:
1. Zelda (Nonportable console e.e)
2. No More Heroes
3. Elder Scrolls III and V
4. Sonic Boom (jk)
5. Kingdom Hearts II
6. Bully (GaryxPetey 030)
7. Tales (Symphonia II, Xillia, and that one with pink-hair girl)
8. Pokemon (Black, X, Red, gold, hated SRE)
9. Calling
10. Resident Evil 1-4

And that’s all folks.