Clair’s Christmas of Wonders

by Aura


Clair lost her mother when she was very young. Now, 5 years later, it’s short before Christmas.
Everything seems normal – until Clair finds a magical mirror leading to a far away land called “Snow Flake Avaland”.
Embark on a magical journey through the Avaland where nothing is what it seems and find clues to what really happened 5 years ago!

(This game is still early in delopment!)

8 thoughts on “Clair’s Christmas of Wonders”

  1. Wow! This game is really good. I like the idea of the mystery and kinda ‘time travelling’ idea of it, since I’ve already used it in my game. Look forward to more games you make!
    (It’s an Aura game so of course its good!)

    • Hey Lost Girl, I’m still VERY early in development! I need some more options to work on this game so that you will be able to find the mirror! I need an option to copy maps, create options and some other improvements to work on this…! But I will inform you in the forum if there’s an update! Thanks for playing anyways! 🙂

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