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New tilemap tools: Bucket fill and tile eraser

I added yet again some extra tilemap tools: a bucket fill and tile eraser. I give a quick overview in this video:

As you know last release I introduced some other tilemap editing tools, such as a smart rectangle that repeat or stretches tiles, and a paint tool (so you don’t always have to click for every placement).

Next thing I’m working on is a move tool, to move objects around, and a picker tool, so you can see what tiles the level is using, and use them again.

Go test it out! 🙂


Make your own educational games!

Lots of teachers and students are making their own educational games with RPG Playground. Here is a video that gives some nice examples, and shows you how you can make your own custom games


Change character appearance – Release 0.47

So, you want to make a role playing game where the player can select their own character. Or you want to create a story where a witch turns the hero in to chicken? Well, then watch this video, because I’ll show you how easy it is to do this.


Custom Actor Behaviors – Release 0.46

Hello everyone, I released some very cool new features! You can now customize the behavior of your characters.

You can let people walk around, fight along with you, talk to monsters, etc.

All this functionality is not yet added to the screenplays. So you cannot enable and disable behaviors in screenplays. But don’t worry, this is the next thing that I’m working on.