Hero for hire

by Ponderingpinky

You play as a hero who’s sent into a town to save its people from the trolls at its border. Unfortunately, the Trolls can’t be stopped by normal weapons. Instead you have to go to the Elementals to gain magic, before you can do that, you have to either fight or befriend their guards. As you do so, you learn more about the town and the people who live there.

There are a lot of aspects of the game that can’t be or hasn’t been added yet, and it’s very much a work in progress. I’m looking for feedback of any kind!

4 thoughts on “Hero for hire”

  1. Hey, ponderingpinky!

    This really is an amazing game! I’ve heard people talk about it on our discord server (please join: https://discord.gg/q8g9rfE) and they were not wrong! I really enjoyed playing it and look forward to updates on this or more potential games by you.
    One piece of feedback I have is maybe consider naming your actors, it makes coding a lot easier!
    Anyway, congrats,
    – Baz

  2. Also, do you mind if I kind of steal the ‘Elementals’ idea for my new game? I’ll credit you in the description!

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