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Hi! I’m having trouble accessing the trello forum on my computer for some reason, so I don’t know if this was suggested or not, so pardon me if it’s already been requested.

The game I am currently creating (and my first game in general) have areas that tend to be very filled. It’s hard to tell what is interact-able because the invisible actors are, well, invisible! Would it be possible to add a sort of glint or sparkle to indicate something can be interacted with?

Something that could possibly look like: “invisible_actor1 sparkle becomes active” and the default is inactive. Or if the default is active, it’s “invisible_actor1 sparkle becomes inactive”. Something like that would be extremely helpful so players aren’t just ramming their sprite against an object, unsure if you can interact with it.

Also, for the topic of a night function, I’ve currently just put a shadow over the entire area to give it a night feel. The I think there’s 2 different shadows you can layer, depending on how dark you want it. Thought it might be helpful!