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Meanwhile, I tried to find a way myself for deactivating the impact of the RPG Playground bugs I found so far in my game, so that I can continue creating my game:
Of course, I’ve no insight in the RPG Playground engines code. Therefore, I only can guess the real cause:
My guess is, the sound and music bug is somehow connected to the transfer-command in combinition with the tilemap-radio-plays-command. I transfer the hero from one level to another level using the transfer-command. Before the bug occurred, I almost completely used a direct assignment of audio files by selecting them using the levels list-fields from the level editor. However, while testing I noticed, that the music and ambient radio obviousely occasionally does not change for sure, if the hero enters another level. So I forced the change per screenplay. But forcing this in connection with the transfer-commands seems to completely deactivate the engines usual behaviour regarding music and sound – at least in my case. Therefore my workaround is not to force the music and sound changes anymore and to hope, the levels list field setup will do its work. Currently, I didn’t entcounter the bug again and hopefully the engine keeps working correctly that way.

I also found a way to remove the impact of the other bug from my game. What I’ve done to attain this, I’ll explain in the other thread.