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Hey Aura,

Thanks for your suggestions! It really helps me prioritize my work. I’m building RPG Playground for the enjoyment of my users, so let me know what you want! πŸ™‚

Some feedback on your items:

Finishing up the following today:
– audio special effects (when pulling the switch, a sound is being played; same with doors, maybe footsteps – like on snowy grounds, a scream, dog barks…..)

But remark that they are not customizable yet! They will just come included in RPG Playground. And yes, I already implemented the footsteps (but not online yet), and they sound good :).

Features that can only happen after I rework the screenplays:

I’m going to rework screenplays, so that in the long run they are:

  1. More user friendly.
  2. More powerful. This means that technology wise, they will be as powerful as programming.

After I reworked the framework, the following becomes available (remark that I want to do only the necessary work on the framework, and nothing more. This way I can make the following features as early available to you as possible):

– make an Actor/Character invisible and delete events

– choices

– change the hero sprite in an event

– change the fighting options of the hero later/ inside of an event (e.g. when the hero receives a sword after some time)

The following is still high up my list, but the above features will be there sooner:

– weather effects (sun, rain, wind, snow aso.) and day/night option (make the screen darker/brighter; intensity of colors; light cone in dark areas; aso…)

– visual special effects (like pulling a switch; a door opens aso.)

I still have to think about doing the following:

– copy events

I mainly have to think about how a copy-paste framework should fit into RPG Playground, where multiple things could be copy-pasted.


As always, check my public roadmap on Trello, and vote on your favorite features. As it is now, both “Screen effects such as rain, mist, …” and “water tiles” are leading the charts with 5 votes.