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… don’t implement a GoTo-command, please. Think about the good old BASIC, which got into disrepute for its GOTO-command. Better implement the loops “while”, “for” and “do … while” in order to repeat screenplay. I don’t want to see RPG Playground having the same bad reputation as BASIC. 😉

…and how about to also let us handle invisible actors easier?

Do you already have noticed, that it often is very hard to activate invisible actors by touching them? Believe me… it is somtimes even VERY hard and annoying. I used one of them e. g. for a secret in the game I’m creating. You have to touch a tree to wake a butterfly. Programmatically, it just gets activated for this and than is “saying” something. A friend of mine tested my game and searched over and over to find that butterfly. I wondered, because I saw he also touched the correct tree. I tried it myself and really needed a few touches more to activate that damn invisible actor. This of course makes it very frustrating for players to find a secret place.

I suggest some accuracy settings in order to expand the watched “touch” area. Also being able to let invisible actors only to check some directions could be very useful to implement stuff like letting our hero pick an item from a shelf, a locker etc. which is standing more in the middle of a room. Currently, the actor will also be triggered from the back of such a shelf/locker, which makes it necessary to block off the areas behind it for now using an impassable tile for now.

Could you also add this, please?