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    1) Okay so from what I understand, from a monetization standpoint, it appears you’re going with a “referral to premium content affiliate type thing for users and possibly an in game currency.

    Of those two, the referrals seem to reward those who bring in new players and the in game currency rewards game makers who focus on making extra content in their games, creative weapons, character skins etc. My suggestion is that if you are going to go the in game currency route, to make an option for people to maybe play a free version of a game and a full version in exchange for in game currency. Character skins don’t really do much for story based game makers like myself and would make me far less incentivized to make content if that was the only way to sell in game currency.

    (Edit crossed out #1 since it was addressed on Trello wish list.)

    2) Title screens / title art.

    3) customize sound effects the same way you can customize music. (character hits with sword makes swish. Hits with rubber duck makes a squeak )


    Added the title screen at https://trello.com/c/9IppIsa6

    Custom sounds are part of the custom resources.


    Thought of a few more:

    1) Allow doors to have the full range of actions available like the invisible floor switch actor does. At present you can still do it but you have to layer them on top of each other. But say you want to make your monsters disappear at the start of a scene. You need the invisible floor switch to do it. But if your character just went through a door, the options on the door actor are more limited.

    2)  Have the ability of objects to “say” a number they are counting. Example:

    hero number of “grapes” increases with 1

    hero says “I have (grapes) grapes!”

    3) Have the ability to loop back to the beginning of a piece of “code” on a given actor without having to trigger the event again. In my case, I’m using it for an object that provides many options (jukebox) Every 20 song choices I have an option that says “next page” but to implement something like “previous page” would require making the code go back to the start without touching the jukebox again. Right now, of course characters can just hit it, click through options and if none are wanted start over, but would be cool to be able to go backwards like that and flip back to previous pages. Something like

    if hero number of “grapes” > 7

    Go to line 4.

    Or something. Anyway. That’s all I have for now and just because I suggest it doesn’t mean I expect it etc. Just throwing out ideas.


    All of those are on the roadmap, or at least in my head already 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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