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Hey, that’s alright. I had a feeling it wasn’t going to work because I have the worst luck :X! Thank you for trying though.

I think I know what the problem was though. See, I have a bad habit of accidentally deleting the levels I’m working on, and that’s because I make identical rooms to make it seem like the room the player just entered and returned to has changed, when it’s really a different room; well, I was playing with a faster way to do this and accidentally discovered that if you right, for example “Kakooza.1” it’ll create and exact clone of the real “Kakooza”. Every time you edit Kakooza, it’ll show in Kakooza.1, which is renamed in the bar “Kakooza” automatically. It’s the weirdest thing, but it didn’t help. I left it there anyway, however, as I figured that if I accidentally deleted it, I would have the clone to be safe.

When I returned, it was the default indoor small room, and that’s why I think the above is the problem; when I created the clone, I clicked on the indoor small button.

So, it’s really my fault anyway. Again, though, thank you for trying! I appreciate you taking time out to try and fix my mess Y_Y. Now I know what NOT to do!!